For the Attention of All Winch Drivers

Calling all Winch Drivers

Many of you who have been trained solely on the Heron Winch
will need to be checked out on and converted to the PNGC
winch. There are a few differences between them.

  1. Steel cable on PNGC Vs Dyneema on Heron Winch
  2. Different repair methods
  3. Tow out brake MUST be set on the PNGC winch – if you
    are driving the winch and retrieving the cable – Make sure
    you check the cable before attaching to the tow out
    vehicle to ensure that the brake is actually on – by pulling
    on the cable
  4. The YELLOW Parachutes must only be used with the
    Heron Winch – they are of lighter construction due to the
    lighter Dyneema
  5. Both sets of parachutes Must be placed in the ISO at the
    end of flying across the top of the bins(cover)
  6. The speed settings are slightly different as well – PNGC
    Winch is not as powerful as the Heron winch
  7. Please do not use wire loops to attach to the tow out
    vehicles – There are soft loops attached and a roll of new
    red rope in the log cabin
    If you have not driven the PNGC winch please inform the
    Duty Instructor – if asked to go and drive it – and see me to
    be converted to the PNGC Winch.
    Thank you for all your hard work in keeping the Club flying
    Richard Lovell-Butt
    PNGC Winch master