Trial Lessons

If you are in any of the services (Navy, Air force, Army) or if you are a civilian or if you have a BGA voucher, then please click on the link below to book your introductory flight in a glider.

Click here to book your introductory flight.

Have you ever seen a glider overhead, and wondered what it would be like to fly in one? Well at Middle Wallop you can, so why not come along and have a go? We offer trial flights most Saturdays and Sundays (weather permitting).

At PNGC we take pride in offering the best Introductory flight around. Not only do we have a dedicated team of Instructors to give you your first experience of gliding, but we also have an efficient booking service and timed lessons, so you don’t have to hang round the airfield in the hope that we can fit you in. Our prices are very reasonable and if the smiles on the faces at the end of the flights are anything to go by, we offer very good value for money. A trial introductory Glider flight costs £90. (February 2020). if your in the Services, then give us a call for a special services price.

To qualify for a trial flight, you need to be under 6′ 4″ (193cm) in height and under 16 Stone 4 Lbs (228lbs or 103Kg) in weight.

Many people have an introductory flight as a birthday present, or to celebrate a special occasion and a few take the plunge to join the club after their flight, to become full time members of the gliding club and ultimately become solo glider pilots.

All Introductory flight are launched by Aerotow where the glider is towed behind a tug aircraft up to a height of 2,500 feet. The tug pilot needs to fly around the airfield to gain height you get the opportunity to do some aerial sight seeing before the glider releases from the tug and fly’s free. Once the instructor has released the glider from the tug he will trim the aircraft for normal straight and level flight. The instructor will also perform a number of turns and normal gliding manoeuvres.

Flight times vary, but is usually from 15 to 20 minutes. If it is thermic the instructor might suggest doing a few turns to try and climb in the thermal. In order to stay in the thermal these might have to be fairly tight, which some people find uncomfortable. If you’re one of them then do please say so, you’re not going to offend the instructor, after all you are up there to have fun.

Because we allocate a glider and an instructor and a time slot, a trial lessons needs to be booked in advance. We try very hard to keep to our agreed time for your flight, but obviously poor weather or operational difficulties on the airfield can delay things.
If you would like more information before booking an introductory flight then please email the booking coordinator at ( or call the booking coordinator on 07403 805 805. If they’re busy, please leave a message on the answering machine and they will get back to you as soon as they can.

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