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PNGC is getting closer to announcing a new location for the gliding club. Until this is formally announced, if you wish to fly with PNGC then please click here to take you to the Upavon gliding club were we are currently located.

MW update

We’ve now had contact with MW to compare notes on the gliding weekend there. Overall this meeting was very constructive with only a few issues needing to be addressed. We are due to have another meeting there on Monday 28th Oct with the hope of going to the base Commandant to ratify the move.

There’s still a long way to go. We need to get the Joint Helicopter Command onboard and negotiate with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) for an encroachment and allocation of space on the camp. We will be looking to acquire temporary hangars whilst at the same time putting in a bid with the Navy to fund the construction of permanent hangars in due course. All hurdles that need to be completed before we can sensibly move.

Meanwhile, David Howell, Simon Gutman, Tony World, Richard Croker, Jamie Steel and others are generating a plan to refurbish/reinstate all of our equipment in preparation to move.

Please, if you have time to offer, contact one of the above people involved in the planning and offer your services.

A selection of things that need to be done:

1. The Bus needs minor repairs and a bloody good clean.
2. The tractors need an overhaul.
3. The winch needs represervation/painting
4. All vehicles need a service and clean.
5. LPV, K8 needs an inspection.
6. All kit needs checking and repaired where necessary
7. New log keeping system needs work….

…The list goes on.

At this crucial point the club needs its members if we are going stand a chance of reforming at MW.

Exciting times!

Standby for further updates.


Happy Gliding!

PNGC closed at Daedalus Airfield, but set to fly elsewhere

PNGC was unable to reach an agreement with Fareham Borough Council’s contracted airfield managers, Regional and City Airports management for sufficient integration of glider flying at Daedalus for it to continue at the former Royal Naval Air Station. RCA stated on 21 May 18 that it would not be in its shareholders’ interests to integrate more fully, therefore PNGC’s last flight was on 31 May 18, 69 years to the exact day after the club formed.

PNGC has a remit to serve all three Armed Forces and its flying is being established in cooperation with our Army friends and colleagues at Upavon, which is about an hour’s drive away and on the edge of Salisbury Plain. Initially, this is to keep our instructor cadre qualified and current in teaching and supervision skills, but increasingly also to serve our members and the public from there. Soaring conditions are generally good, being away from the coastal sea breezes.

This is an interim measure while PNGC Trustees explore a number of possible options for a permanent new site of its own. Meanwhile, membership is still open as before, not only to members and families of all armed forces personnel and defence contractors, but also to a limited number of civilians, especially those willing to help run the club. Junior membership is also welcomed, and flying solo from the age of 14 onwards is encouraged.  You might like to click on this link to a video by one of our junior members.

PNGC is a regulated Armed Forces charity and operates with unpaid volunteers on a not-for-profit basis. Overall this making flying particularly cost-effective and well aligned to the values of the Armed Forces.  Its operations are regulated by the British Gliding Association and its training is designed also to suit and stimulate early routes into aviation careers, both military and civilian, although just enjoying the fun at any and every age is also most definitely a part of it!
Please register interest on 07403 805 805 or send an email to flightbookings@pngc.co.uk  and watch this website for further updates.

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