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Portsmouth Naval Gliding Centre has just announced plans to operate at weekends from Middle Wallop airfield from March 2020, by kind permission of the Commandant and Army Air Corps. This is a very exciting new prospect, because flying conditions in the area are very good indeed, the views spectacular, and the airfield well-suited, complete with the Army’s aviation museum and café overlooking the airfield.

PNGC will continue to serve all three armed forces, including its families, Reservists, Cadets, Civil Servants, Contractors and people either seeking a career in flying or simply wishing to enjoy the experience, just as we have done throughout our 70+ year history and Royal Navy origins. We are an open, inclusive and friendly club, benefitting from good sponsorship which helps to keep costs to a very low level, while operating a modern aircraft fleet. For younger fliers aspiring towards careers in either military or civil aviation, there are exciting opportunities for 100% sponsorship while also allowing flying solo as a pilot from age 14.

Costs are kept down by being authorised as an Armed Forces charity. While being allowed to extend these benefits to civilians, this category of membership is required to assist with organising and running the club in a number of roles on the ground and in the air.

PNGC has a strong, safe track record and is regulated by the national aviation body, the British Gliding Association, as well as the Civil Aviation Authority and military regulations. Members automatically hold reciprocal membership with all other military gliding clubs, too. Our instructors give their time for free often motivated by having started their own careers in aviation through gliding and now simply want to share those benefits with others.

We now face a busy time setting ourselves up for the season ahead in a new home at Middle Wallop and are opening our books to new membership applications.

We are also taking bookings for people wanting to try for themselves, perhaps for the first time in the sky from the pilot’s seat (under careful supervision of experienced instructors) either for themselves or as a one-off treat for somebody they know, and of pretty much all ages (subject to some limitations, including weight).

For more information, please contact flightbookings@pngc.co.uk or give us a call on 07403 805 805

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