Sutton Bank Expedition 14th to 22nd October 2023 

This year’s club expedition to Sutton Bank will run from Saturday 14th Oct to Sunday 22nd October.  

Pilots who wish to go to Sutton Bank will need to confirm with me by 15th Aug so room allocation can be confirmed on a first come basics and as to your emails to me early in the year. There will be a deposit of £30 per person, like last year this will be used to help cover the cost of club gliders taken to Sutton Bank and on site charges for the gliders. Any other members who wish to come please email me and I will put you on the Accommodation waiting list. Or if you are planning you own accommodation / camping please let me know. 


Members who wish to go please can you let me know if you are able to tow a glider, or you need a lift, or you are able to give a lift to a member. The plan will be to meet at Middle Wallop at 0700 (officers car park) and depart together. 


There are 7 rooms, which 6 are single accommodation and one room with twin beds. All bedding will be supplied by Sutton Bank for a cost (Approx £10 for the week), and the room cost approx. £10 per night. 

Camping is also allowed on the site (Please let me know if you plan to camp) there is local accommodation which you can hire from. Caravans, B&B, Hotels. If you do not wish to have the accommodation below please let me know so it can be allocated to other club members who may wish to attend the Exbed. 

Members who have expressed an interest in the Exbed. 

Names Room Numbers 
Adrian Noble 
Neil Shaw 
Barney Wainwright 
Chris Hensman 
Martin Westwood 
Nick English 
Enrico Steffinlongo 
Michael Monson 

Catering / meals 

The club has a large member’s kitchen which we are allowed to use with fridges and cooking facilities & TV. The club bar is upstairs and is fully stocked and I know where the key is kept? 

Evening meals can be cooked on site or we can go to the numerous restaurants around Thirsk,  Wetherspoons, Indian, Italian, Chinese, Turkish, fish & chips. 


Depending on numbers we will take 1 x K21 and 1 x Astir. This will also depends on members who can tow the gliders. There is also the possibility of flying in the Sutton Bank club gliders with their instructors, I am authorised to instruct in these gliders as well. 

Private gliders are also welcome to come to Sutton Bank (Please email me if you wish to bring your own glider). Sutton Bank will make a small charge for you glider been on site for the week. For members who have not been to Sutton Bank the conditions can be very rough on the launching and landing. 

Flying restrictions 

All Solo Pilots Must have a minimum of a SPL or BGA Bronze badge and to have conducted training on Sutton Bank Ridge and Wave flying. Training will be given on the first evening after arrival as well as any flying training that is required before you will be allowed to go solo. Your log books will be annotated. This is compulsory training recommended by the BGA. If you do not have the qualification as above then you will fly with an instructor. 

Sutton Bank requires you to join the club as a temporary member to cover insurance; this is paid only on the days that you fly. Solo pilots, will also need to show your gliding licence and medical (copies will be taken on the first day) 

Check flights  

Will be conducted by myself, or the local instructors before any flying at Sutton Bank is authorised. Each day the weather conditions will be assessed and Pilots who wish to go solo will be authorised by myself depending on conditions, this may include a daily check flight. 

Flying costs 

All flying in PNGC gliders will be billed on time once we return to Middle Wallop, the Aero-tows and Winch launches will be paid to Sutton Bank on the last day before you leave. If you fly in a Sutton Banks glider then you will pay their hire charges. 

Please send the deposits to: 

Account Name:          Adrian Noble 

Sort Code:                 07-08-06  

Account No               05514239 

Reference:                Your name and Sutton Bank    

A more detailed plan / op-order, will be issued 4 weeks before we depart to Sutton Bank.

Nobby Noble