Members Maintenance Forum

PNGC Members Maintenance Forum – 12th June 2024   (1900 – 1955)
Meeting called by:   Ant Stone  
Attendees:Ant Stone  (AS) Steel, Jamie (JS) Lee (LA) Tim G (TG) Alex Le Marinel (ALM) Tony World (TW) Wainwright, Barney (BW) Lomax, Fred (FL) Lomax, Paul (PL) Enrico  (ES) Mick Monson (MM) Don HUNTER (DH) Jim Chapman (JC) Nigel (NS) Adrian Noble (NN) Tom  (TC)


Agenda item:Aim & Purpose Current Work (Examples) Completed Reporting You Said We Did (Start of the future) Scrub Days Next Steps (Open Camp Fire) Your Say    
Meeting Minutes:

The forum had a good turn out and was well articulated by members of the club with ideas and actions to move forward on. Being first of the Maintenance Forums and forcasted for extra.

AS – Welcome and open speech with Presentation

AS – Aim and Purpose of the forum (Presentation Attached to E-Mail)

Discussion around the needs of the club and the vision moving forward with Winter and Scrub day planning.

TW – Feedback on the internal reporting tool “easy to use but suggest adding a link to the Job Allocation Sheet as an ease of reporting”

DH – Winter planning – idea to start looking at a scheduale and allocation of jobs for Airframes and Ground Maintenance.

JS – Infrustructure is a priorty moving forward for Scrub days and planned mid week work party.Two big jobs are moving of the MT Hangar and working on the Nissan Hut. Utilities will be connected by TW.

JC – ISO container to be painted, MT Hangar could be done during the week, arrange a work party.

TW – Airside passes please speak with me and can be arranged.

Water is now being looked at by the DIO MW, and will get electric done at the same time.

A new 40ft container is ready to come to site and will be brought when ready to move the other ISO containers for the MT Hangar and will be placed at the end long ways. Options that it could be used for personal lockers etc for private members.

ES – Is there a plan to move items from Saltan?

AS – Inventory should be taken of all 3 sites

JS – A floor walk of all 3 sites to be arranged with an inventory to be taken and items brought back from other sites that we may need at MW. Van to be arranged from TW when this is planned

TW – Due to location of members would be good to have some items left at Salton and Netheravon to keep a presence for work.

DH – Having a Plan A and B for Scrub days using the Trackers to plan for onsite work and maintenance. Getting a priorty list actioned for the DI. Suggested calling members that have allocated jobs to see if they will attend.

AS – Suggest that a plan is made to the DI and a comms added to the maintenance chat to see whom is avalible for the work.

PL – Suggested a Skills matrix for utilisiing skills that members have.

Also to support maintenance education for younger members on Aircraft and ground maintenance.

JC – A skills question is on the online membership form for people to fill out.  Can look at adding to Glidex or a spreadsheet to utilise skills of others in the club.

AS – Will look at investigating this further for Skills utilisation with JC

JS – Remember that all work carried out goes towards membership cost reduction, it is important that you report this work to AS so it can be logged and evidenced.

DH – Controlling of purchasing items for maintenance what route will we take?

JS / TW – Any thing that is over £50 please contact JS or TW for autherisation.

ES – Organisation of Airframe maintenance items like cleaning to be sorted and all in one place.

AS – This work has been started and will continue makking it easier for members to locate items

DH – Agreed but discipline of members putting the items back and reporting low stock

AS – Full inventory to be taken and a list added to the cabinet, Tool management to be looked at as a loose screwdriver being left in the airframe could be a potential risk. Will look at this with neil under safety.

Action itemsPerson responsibleDeadline
Organise ISO / MT Hangar midweek work partyASCOP 21st June
Floor walk and InventoryAS / JSCOP 28th June
Full Site Inventory MWAS / JS – To allocateCOP 28th June 
Cabinet and ISO OrganisationASCOP 05th June
Skills Matrix QuestionareAS / JC 
Winter Planning Ground and AirframeAS JS and TWCOP 01st August
Update Links in PNGC tracker for reportingASCOP 28th June 
Scrub Day PlannerASCOP 28th June  

Other Information

  • Work carried out goes against reduction of membership fees, please inform AS of any work carried out to be logged.
  • MT and ISO work to be carried out ASAP with a midweek work party
  • Work Parties Friday afternoon/ Saturday to be arranged
  • A lot of work forecasted for the next 12 months and members are encouraged to get involved to support the club growing.
  • Water and Electric to be completed in the next 6 months.
  • Another forum to take place prior to winter planning discussion.
  • Anything over £50 please contact TW or JS for purchasing.

Thank you for attending, any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or any member of the club Committee.