Porton Down danger area

Following Tony’s words of caution, here is a new map with narrative that should categorically help identify the local boundaries of D127 to the west. 

To put it in context, the SE corner of that is only 2,200 metres from The George Inn crossroads.   

Please take time to study, both now, and when next airborne.  I’ll place a copy at  the launch-point vehicle, and also store on the club website.   

As Tony says, if you are unsure still, speak to an Instructor, or Nick English (who kindly produced this map for us).   

We should soon have Oudie’s fitted in all club aircraft, but care should naturally be exercised anyway…  Infringements pose risks to those involved, and the club. 

Danger area

(You can download and print your own copy of the map by clicking on the map below.)

PNGC 2022 Sutton Bank Exped Highlights

Our members went to Sutton Bank for the 2022 PNGC Club expedition in October. All in all, it was a great expedition – everyone had great flying experience (wave, ridge and thermal) and great fun was had.

Once again, thanks to everyone attending and special thanks to Nobby for all the planning and organisation.

Please watch the highlights video below, recorded and edited by Neil Shaw. More photos and videos to follow.


PNGC Safety Bulletin – 2022/02 – Fit to Fly?

‘I’m Safe’ Personal Fit For Flight Checklist

The ‘I’m Safe‘ personal fit for flight checklist items are;

  • Illness – Is the pilot suffering from any illness or symptom of an illness which might affect them in flight?
  • Medication – Is the pilot currently taking any medication (prescription or over-the-counter)?
  • Stress – Is the pilot overly worried about other factors in their life? The psychological pressures of everyday living can be a powerful distraction and consequently affect a pilot’s performance.
  • Alcohol – Although legal limits vary by jurisdiction, the pilot should consider their alcohol consumption within the last 8 to 24 hours.
  • Fatigue – Has the pilot had sufficient sleep and adequate nutrition?
  • Emotion – Has the pilot fully recovered from any extremely upsetting events?

Clubs are expected to comply with BGA medical requirements and, as far as reasonably possible, stay aware of any physical or mental health issues that could impact their members pilot performance and become a flight safety hazard. As many clubs do not have access to their own medical expertise, clubs can seek guidance from a BGA medical advisor.



Pilots of Part-21 sailplanes (formerly described as EASA sailplanes) including powered sailplanes including TMGs need to hold a Sailplane Pilot Licence (SPL) by 8 December 2021.

Meanwhile, BGA and national rules continue to apply to pilots of Part-21 and non-Part 21 sailplanes.

What does it mean for me?

Qualified gilder pilots (Bronze with cross country endorsement) or above will need to apply through the BGA to be able to fly solo from 8th Dec 2021, if you have not applied for a SPL be the 8th Dec then you still can fly. However you will not be classed as an unqualified pilot and must be supervised by a FI(S).

You will also require a CAA Pilot declared medical when you apply for you licence.

Please see link below to apply for your licence.

Sailplane Pilot Licence Conversion – Pilot & Club Info (gliding.co.uk)

If I have a LAPL (S) do I need to apply for a SPL?

No. A Part-FCL LAPL (S) and a Part-FCL SPL are both automatically deemed to be an SFCL SPL with effect from 8 April 2020. When the CAA reissues a licence for administrative reasons or upon application by licence holders, the CAA will replace Part-FCL sailplane licence for an SFCL SPL. Adding a privilege after the licence has been issued.

Once I Have An SPL, How Do I Keep It Valid?

The SPL is a lifetime licence. The privileges of an SPL can be exercised as long as the recency requirements have been met.

What are the recency requirements?

The basic SPL recency requirement is 15 launches, 5hrs and two flights with an instructor in the previous 24 months. There are additional requirements for other SPL privileges.  The two flights with an instructor can be flown with a BGA instructor until the conversion period ends, ie before the 8th December 2021.

What does it mean for me if I have not completed all my training to Bronze with the cross country endorsement?

The training you have done will be transferred to the new SPL training programme and syllabus; a new training record book will be issued to you. This training record will be retained by the Declared Training Organisation (DTO) and you will collect it from your instructor before you fly and then it will be stored by the DTO after your training flight. Once you have successfully completed the SPL the training record will be retained by the DTO for three years.

Is the SPL syllabus the same as the bronze training?

Most of the training is the same; however there are some different parts that you will have to complete.

Do I have an exam?

Yes. You will have a written exam like now and then it will be followed by flights with an examiner who will conduct all the qualifying exercises for the SPL

Will it be my CFI who does the flying exam?

No. It will be a BGA approved examiner who will come to the club for your exam.

What will the flying exam contain?

You will be examined on one method of launching, Winch or Aero tow. To complete all the exercises that the examiner requires you to do, however it will be best to qualify on Aero tow for your exam, otherwise the examiner will have to keep coming back until you have completed all the exercises for example upper air work.

If I have qualified on Aero tow do I need to be examined again on winch launching?

No. Once you have complete your SPL, then your home club can make a note in your log book to say you have completed the training and can conduct winch launch, Car launch, Buggy Launch, ridge soaring etc. This will also be recorded in you training log which is returned by the club.

Will I have to pay the examiner?

We are not sure at the moment? It is a possibility that a charge may have to be paid.

Will I have to pay the CAA for my SPL once I have passed the exam?

Yes. You will need to pay the BGA who will then check your paperwork and send it to the CAA for you.

Do I need a medical before I go solo?

If you are undergoing training for UK Part-FCL PPL, SPL, CPL or MPL prior to your first solo flight you are required to hold an appropriate Medical Certificate. It is therefore, a good idea to obtain the necessary Medical Certificate for the licence you intended to hold or aspire to hold before you spend lots of money on your flight training.

For more information please look at the following link on the BGA web site.

Sailplane Pilot Licence Conversion – Pilot & Club Info (gliding.co.uk)

If you require more information please contact:

CFI Tony World or DCFI Nobby Noble

Message from the management.

If you’re not already aware the restriction on Dual flying will been lifted on the 4th Jul.

Advice from the BGA has been issued and can be found at: https://members.gliding.co.uk/library/uncategorised/covid19-bga-club-operations-restart-guidance/

Please read this document but most importantly if you feel unwell then stay at home.

The club has Covid-19 restrictions in place. Cleaning materials and hand sanitizer is available in the log cabin. Face masks are considered personal items and will not be provided by the club. Please bring your own.

Please respect the social distancing rules and wash your hands regularly.

Happy flying.