15 February 2024

Whilst K21’s are superb, docile & versatile aircraft, there is a body of evidence that they have recovery characteristics from a spin (whether using the spin-kit weights or not) that are occasionally ‘unpredictable’ and possibly lengthy.  

In addition, spin-recovery requires a ‘different’ sequence (of carefully timed control actions) to that in most any other glider.   The training value of which is negative. 

Hence, until and unless further evidence is evaluated, we’ve made a decision to prohibit spin-training and/or spinning in any club K21 with immediate effect.    

It is very unlikely anyone will enter a spin in a K21 unless trying very hard to, so as in all aircraft, spin-avoidance remains key.  

If you have any further questions, please discuss with myself/Tony/Nobby, or any other Instructor – the latter were all made aware in advance yesterday.