PNGC – Club expedition to Sutton Bank Monday 26th Oct to Sunday 1st Nov 2020

Tony World Club CFI, has authorised an official P,N,G,C, expedition to Sutton Bank (North East Yorkshire). Nobby Noble will be the lead instructor for the expedition. 

All members are welcome on this expedition Solo and pre Solo, as well as Members who would like to bring their own gliders. P,N,G,C, Aircraft will be the duo discus & single seat discus. (Sutton Bank gliders hire, and instruction is available). 

You do not need to come for the full week if you can only make a few days that’s ok. 

The Yorkshire Gliding Club was founded in 1934, by a group of pioneering aviators seeking to understand the potential of powerless flight. 

Sutton Bank is on the top of a 950ft ridge site, the ridge runs from just north of York to Middlesbrough, from the ridge you can jump to the wave (when working) or sore with thermals. 

The clubhouse also provides visiting members with overnight accommodation, a cafe and bar, and facilities for briefing, cooking and relaxing. The upstairs clubhouse cafe is also open and serves snacks, beverages and lunchtime meals, while the adjacent lounge provides amazing views to the south and west. 

Every morning with the prospect of flying weather, volunteer members open the hangar doors before 9.00 am and the Club aircraft are brought out for inspection.  

Whatever the weather, each morning at 9.30, the duty instructor holds a meeting in the Briefing Room. Here the weather data, air traffic and airfield operations for the day are briefed to all pilots. Individual members can also discuss their requirements. Those wishing to fly Club gliders under instruction enter their name on the daily flying list and are taken for their instructional flights in that order. Solo pilots enter their name on the single seaters list and fly in ascending order. 

Sutton bank aircraft are available to hire, they are

2 x k21, 1 x DG 500, 1 X DG 1000, Single seat discus, DG303. 2 x Astir  

1 x Falke motor glider 

The accommodation on site is 6 single rooms. And one twin room, accommodation is for 8 personnel, all bedding is provided, all you need to bring is cloths, and a towel. Costs of the rooms are £12 per night and one-off charge of £8.00 for the clean bedding, there is also local accommodation available (please see Sutton Bank web site for details). (you can also camp on the site if you wish).

Daily membership (payable only if you fly) is £9.00 per day and if you want to bring your own glider then it cost £27.50 for the week 

Costs of flying P,N,G,C, gliders at the site will be published as soon as the committee decide what is to be charged.  

You can bring your own food and cook it in the members’ kitchen or use the onsite cafe (great food at a very reasonable cost) or on a night time we can go to one for the local pubs for great food and beer. 

On none flying days due to weather, there are the following attractions for a day out! 

Evington Air museum (Where Richard Hammond top gear, rolled the drag car) 

York railway museum for railway buffs. 

North Yorkshire railway (to Whitby where a pint with fish& chips are a must) 

These are just some of the attractions available. 

Places are limited therefore contact Nobby Noble ASAP  For more information about Sutton Bank visit

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