MW update

Dear Members,

A meeting of the committee took place last week in order to formulate our plans for future operations at Middle Wallop and the impending commencement of flying.

As I am sure you are all aware, the easing of lockdown restrictions started today 29/03/2021. What this means for the club, is a phased return to flying in accordance with regulations to ensure we are compliant.

Over the last few weekends, the club instructors have worked hard with a small team of helpers to regain currency. All instructors are now current and able to commence instructional flying from the first date allowed, which for us is Saturday 17th April.

The easing of restrictions allows for instructors and solo pilots to fly. We will be, weather permitting, flying on one of the days over the Bank Holiday Weekend 2nd to 5th April. Tony World will send out an email to all members on Wednesday 31st March, advising which day we will be flying. All members of any level are welcome as help is always needed around the airfield and at the launch point. Taking into account the long period of no flying, only those pilots deemed to have the necessary experience and abilities may be considered suitable to fly. There is no guarantee that any solo pilot will be able to fly this Bank Holiday. It will be the CFI or DCFI’s decision only on whether a solo pilot is permitted to fly. 

On the development front, we have selected an area for the Hanger and are now hoping that the building of the Hanger can be achieved sometime in the Summer. We are also hoping to have a clubhouse in place by the end of the Summer and are currently looking for something that will meet the club requirements.

Another discussion around the annual membership fee came up. The committee decided that unlike other clubs that are still charging the same fee despite being shut, we will be different. The intention is to keep everyone on the same first year discounted fee for another year. This means that whenever a members renewal fee comes up it will be discounted to remain at the first year’s rate.

Finally, PNGC is establishing itself at our new flying base of Middle Wallop, courtesy of the Army Air Corps Commandant, with a formal licence in prospect for existing and new buildings. We will face sizeable tasks to make the most of what amounts to a superb opportunity for us all, as well as the administration and running of the club and its training to ever more stringent standards. In order to keep club tariffs and charges as low as possible, we need as much help as possible and are looking for as many volunteers as possible to help, including maintaining the aircraft, the grounds, services, buildings, vehicles, and much more besides. There are also many changes afoot in the way that PNGC is regulated, all of which will demand a ‘whole club effort.’ Please let the me as the Membership Secretary know of any particular skill sets or qualifications that you hold, including technical ones, and any areas in which you would be willing to assist from time to time, and whether that contribution might appear small or large: all are important to the smooth running of our club and can also discount the annual membership fee.

I hope you are all keeping well and look forward to seeing at Middle Wallop soon

Jim Chapman

Membership Secretary

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