SUMMER GLIDING COURSE   21- 27 August 2021


SUMMER GLIDING COURSE   21- 27 August 2021

Portsmouth Naval Gliding Centre will provide a Gliding Course for 16 students, 8 selected by the FAAOA Air Scholarship Trust and 8 by the Honorable Company of Air Pilots (HCAP) to take place from 20 -27 August 2021 based at Middle Wallop, with flying from Upavon Airfield Sunday 22-27 Aug.

Accommodation is provided by Middle Wallop Officers Mess, where car parking is available. There is no access to Middle Wallop barracks area unless by separate arrangement. Access to the PNGC gliding site at Middle Wallop is at weekends only and limited to the gate in School Lane, Nether Wallop SO20 8EH.

Course administration arrangements are published separately, including charging and sponsorship, which varies for different student place-holders.

Solo, single seat flying for club members will be very limited on Sat/Sunday 20/21August, while there is no dual club flying over that week-end.

Middle Wallop army base has a Families Day on Saturday 21 Aug 21, at which PNGC will present a stand with a static display of two single seat aircraft.  As many volunteers as possible are needed to assist in a high-profile day for PNGC in its new home, concurrent with course flying.

       Club Members are asked to Please consider helping the club on Saturday 21 Aug 21.           

On completion of the Summer Course, its students may be permitted to fly on Saturday 28 August at Middle Wallop as part of normal PNGC club flying, but the Course and Accommodation Facility ends on Friday 27 August 2021, except where specifically organised for named and pre-booked instructors. Those individuals are asked to notify early if no longer needed as the Officers Mess is heavily booked during this period.


To instruct ab initio students in basic glider flying and, where possible, to award the British Gliding Association Certificate for solo glider flight. AND

To provide the students with an appreciation of life in a Service officers’ mess, through practical experience, by kind permission of the Mess President, Middle Wallop Army Air Corps, the Officers Mess Committee, and the Mess Manager. AND

To introduce and experience the basic concepts of powered flight, using PNGC’s Grob 109 Motor Glider aircraft. 

PNGC is an Armed Forces sports club, serving all three armed forces Services, operating and training to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and British Gliding Association (BGA) regulations. It is permitted within its statutory charter to extend this facility to this course under temporary course membership within its legally binding charter (Charity Commission 1148381):

to help young people towards responsible adulthood… by encouraging personal attributes and high standards of conduct in particular through gliding and soaring, and related activities based on the customs of the Royal Navy.”

Both on and off the airfield, the course aims to develop respect, courtesy and inclusivity, as well as initiative, leadership, teamwork, helping others, and stretching oneself to new and unfamiliar tasks. All of these are highly valued experiences in all forms of aviation career paths, including most especially military aviation, and support evidence-based employment interview methods.


Throughout the course, whenever in the Officers Mess Smart Casual attire whenever in public rooms, including the ‘Green Room’ Shirt sleeves and tie (jacket optional), or equivalent for young women. No jeans or trainers. This includes for meals in the dining room. Meals are not to be taken to rooms except as specifically arranged in the event of illness or C19 isolation.
Fri 20 Aug1700Course starts arrival iaw JIs dated 03 Aug 21 for all students and named instructors accommodated at MW. Complete registration documents and register Covid test results. Keys issue and unpack in nominated rooms.
 1800(Smart casual attire – no jeans or trainers). Welcome briefing and administration. Officers Mess ‘Green Room.’ Sub Lieutenant Ed Hillman Royal Navy (Course Supervisor)
 1900Dining in MW Officers mess including instructors
 2000OM Green Room – Course and individual introductions (S/Lt Ed Hillman) and briefing (PNGC Centre Manager Mr Dave Howell). Attended by Course Instructors staying at  MW
Sat 21 Aug0750 0800 0830 a/req ttbcAssemble Green Room. Register Covid LFT results with CS Breakfast (smart casual attire) Depart for Airfield via School Lane, Nether Wallop, SO20 8EH BBQ: PNGC Middle Wallop Airfield Site Transport to MW Officers Mess
Sun 22 Aug0750 0800 0830 1800 1900 2000Assemble Green Room. Register Covid LFT results with CS Breakfast (smart casual attire) Depart for Upavon Airfield Depart Airfield for MW Officers Mess Meal in MW Officers Mess Dining Room Bar for informal discussion on aviation and possible career paths (different invited discussion leader each day)
Weekdays0700Breakfast in Officers Mess Dining Room (all students and instructors)
 0720Change into suitable airfield clothing (caution sun and/or bad weather exposure, as there is minimal shelter)
 0730Transport departs from Officers Mess Car Park to whichever airfield is in use.  On arrival, assemble for tasks as directed to prepare aircraft Note: Fri 27 Aug allow extra time to pack bags and clear out of rooms. Baggage to be left as guided by Officers Mess Receptionist / accommodation manager for collection later.
 1800(except Wed 25 Aug) Transport departs (latest) from Airfield
 1900(except Wed 25 Aug) Dinner in Officers Mess
 2000(except Wed 25 Aug) Bar for in informal discussion on aviation and possible career paths
Wed 25 Auga/rRemain at Upavon for BBQ
 ttbcTransport Upavon to Middle Wallop Officers Mess
Fri 27 Augttbc       a/r 1500Early secure at Upavon. Transport to MW Officers Mess Settle individual bills Clean and change into smart casual attire for prizegiving and certificates in Officers Mess main ante-room Guests to pre-notify via Course Manager as far in advance as possible. All will require masks and to register in the Covid / Tracking Book on arrival Nominal start time for End of Course discussion, certificates and prizegiving. Parents and friends of students cordially invited (please also ask any guests to comply with the mess dress code

Course Manager (CM) – Dave Howell

The Course Manager is also the PNGC Centre Manager, and is responsible for administration, finance, organisation, Flight Logging and all matters secretarial.  He also provides the Liaison with PNGC Management,  HCAP and the Fleet Air Arm Officers Association sponsors. He is also the first point of contact for any concerns of parents or next of kin.

Course Chief Flying Instructor (CCFI)  (TBC)  

The Course Chief Flying Instructor is also the PNGC Chief Flying Instructor, with overall responsibility for the safe conduct and application of all BGA regulations. Syndicate instructors take their lead from him in the conduct of training flights and operational organization including the allocation of students and instructors to aircraft. All flying standards and practices, including in the motor glider and tug-plane flying, are under his authority as registered with the BGA.

Duty Pilot/Radio  –  Dave Howell or as rostered

 A specified Duty Instructor/Duty Pilot is in position at the Launch Point (LP) at all times of flying operations. His instructions are to be adhered to at all times, while noting that he also operates the air safety radio for all air operations within the Air Traffic Zone within which PNGC aircraft operate.  When at Upavon, slightly modified operations may be applied in order to comly with their local instructions.

Course Supervising Officer

The supervising Officer is: Sub Lieutenant Ed Hillman Royal Navy, who holds a military commission, is subject to military law at all times, including military accountability within military bases being used by PNGC, and is on loan from his professional flying training.

He reports to the Course CFI and liaises with the Course Manager. His responsibilities include:

  • Provide on-site, duty of care point of contact for all students at all times for the duration of the course. Students are permitted by the Middle Wallop Commandant, senior officers and Airfield Manager on the basis of him being in ready and close communication with students.
  • Liaise for administrative and local management for the smooth running of the course, including with MOD(Navy) as necessary.
  • To organize suitable events in the event of weather or other circumstances that might preclude flying.
  • To oversee safety arrangements for students, including maintaining a daily register of Covid status.
  • To assist students in any areas of practical concern; including flight logging and any of their administrative tasks, such as acknowledgement of individual sponsors with written letters of thanks.
  • To coordinate on-airfield catering, including BBQs and packed lunches (booked min 48 hours in advance.
  • He is particularly charged by the Executive Chairman of PNGC’s Board of Trustees and Directors to inform hi without delay in the event of any issues of safety, accident or incident, or any matters that may cause, or risk causing concern in the public eye, or in the event of non-compliance with any of these orders or associated course instructions.

Flight Recording

Every syndicate must record their flights on the GLIDEX System as the flight commences.  The accurate logging of flights is essential as these figures are used to track glider hours and student flying hours.  The computer is located at the launch point.   All students are expected to become familiar with GLIDEX operating the system

Vehicles and Tractors

Club vehicles and tractors are not to be driven outside the airfield perimeter by course students at any time. No student is to drive or operate any vehicle or ground equipment without being formally instructed and registered as qualified in accordance with club regulations. These vehicles operate in hazardous circumstances of being on an active airfield; special precautions and arrangements exist and must be complied with at all times.

Powered Aircraft Air Experience Flying

Course plans include an introduction to power flying in the Grob Motor Glider for all students where this is practicable. 

Duty Syndicate

The nominated duty syndicate (highlighted in blue overleaf), is responsible each day for ensuring the Launch Point vehicle is cleaned and secured correctly at the end of the day

Accommodation  (see also Joining Instructions dated 3 Aug 21)

Any problems concerning accommodation should initially be directed to the Course Supervisor.

Students will eat in the Officers Mess Dining Room and are discouraged from eating out. It is part of the overall introduction to aviation as a career path, and would offend mess staff if individuals were to bring take-away or similar food into the mess, unless exceptional reasons exist. Financial subsidies provide contracted ‘Core Meals’ within the pay-as-you-dine catering system; any additional catering is for individuals to choose (a different menu is provided each day including vegetarian options). Packed Lunches are also provided, with additional choices also available by prior request (co-ord through CS officer). Any additional catering bills must be settled by individual payment before leaving the mess. Flying times are to be adjusted to comply unless exceptional circumstances arise. Mealtimes are also a time to discuss informally and in a relaxed and enjoyable way the shared experiences of each successive day. Further details on meal arrangements will be at the Welcome Brief.

Students are discouraged in general from buying drinks for each other during the course.

Mess staff are to be treated with the utmost respect at all times, including especially by leaving rooms in a presentable state after breakfast each day. It is not an hotel and mess staff are available to assist, not to clean up! If an accident or incident occurs, students are to report the matter to the Course Supervisor at the earliest opportunity.


Middle Wallop is an operational airbase and military headquarters with global responsibilities. Its facilities are used by an array of commissioned officers.

Students and Instructors may be issued with a security pass or code in order to access the accommodation. Please DO NOT LOSE IT  

Access permission to enter the barracks area (on the opposite side of the main road) is expressly not granted to PNGC, except as specifically authorized through the CFI.

Station security issues will be covered in the arrival/joining brief at 2000 in the Mess on Friday evening to be attended by all students.

Syndicates and Glider Allocation

  Duo DiscusDouglas Mullowney  FAAOAArchie Leather              FAAOALuke Owen               FAAOA                          Rob Harris                 FAAOA
    N7Kleon Minja FAAOACharlie Glynn        FAAOASonny Davies- Tubby FAAOAEmily Wharton            FAAOA
    LPV  James Jarman
  Sophia Anderson
Eleanor White
Philip Karunda     HCAP
 N3Tyler Oxley HCAPJacob Nelson HCAPAamina Bhutta HCAPAbbey Lamb HCAP

Syndicate Leaders will be nominated on a rotational basis

Duty roster for instructors and tug pilots.  Flexible

GliderSat SunMonTueWedThuFri
N3 (K21)Nigel Smith R Lovell Butt Jamie SteelNigel Smith R Lovell Butt Jamie SteelNigel Smith Jamie SteelNigel Smith Jamie SteelNigel Smith Jamie SteelNigel Smith Jamie SteelNigel Smith Jamie  Steel  
Duo DiscusTony World Ben BennettTony World Ben Bennett Tony World Ben BennettTony World Ben BennettTony World Ben BennettTony World Ben BennettTony World Ben Bennett
    LPV (K21)  Lee Allison Sam HepburnLee Allison Sam HepburnLee Allison Sam HepburnLee Allison Sam HepburnLee Allison Sam HepburnLee Allison Sam HepburnLee Allison Sam Hepburn
     N7    Neil Shaw Richard CrokerNeil Shaw Richard CrokerNeil Shaw Richard Croker CrokerNobby Noble Neil ShawNobby Noble Neil ShawNobby Noble Neil ShawNobby Noble Neil Shaw
Tug PilotsFlexible      
 Nigel SmithTony WorldNeil ShawLee AllisonAlan ClarkKevin Hillstbc

Winch Driver availability                                                                                                                                       Sat  21              RLB    +  DH   +   Ed

Sun  22             RLB    +  SI   +    Chris P

Mon  23            Barney PM + Dave  + Ed

Tue   24            Barney PM

Wed  25           Chris Hensman

Thu 26             Chris Hensman + Emre

Fri  27              Emre

Syndicate Leaders

Nominated daily and are responsible to the Course Supervisor and Course Manager for:

  • Ensuring all flights are logged correctly on GLIDEX.
  • Ensuring flights are entered into computer on Launching.
  • Ensuring flight members get an equal share of flying.
  • Knowing the whereabouts of syndicate members at all times.
  • Syndicate leaders may delegate some of these tasks after the first day but they remain responsible for overseeing their correct completion.

Mobile Phones

Course students are not permitted to use mobile phones at the launch point.


Transport arrangements will be discussed and agreed each morning. Private cars may be used, but drivers are to note speed limits though Nether Wallop village (20mph / infant School) and any special considerations when accessing the airfield. They are not to be used on the airfield when flying is in progress, other than driving to and from the designated parting area.

Special considerations apply on the airfield and are to be understood before diving on the airfield is permitted. This will be covered during the initial briefing.


FAAOA Air Scholarship Tust students are eligible for the Fleet Air Arm Best Student award. Note that this is not a ‘best pilot’ award.

Dave Howell

PNGC Estate and Course Manager



PNGC Chairman                                                                                                   


Instructors and Tug Pilots

Course Members at Briefing

Airfield Manager

FAAOA Cdr Moore

FAAOA Cdr Lovett          

HCAP Staff Officer

Winch Drivers

PNGC Website for club members

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