LogStar GC is a suite of four programs which sets the standard for Gliding Club computer systems. The software has been debugged and developed by using it ‘live’ at Portsmouth Naval Gliding Club (PNGC) which provides over 8,000 launches per year. A ‘paper’ logging system has not been used by this club since LogStar’s commissioning in late August 1997.

Electronic logkeeping is now a standard, and can be done by anyone with basic keyboard skills. The logkeepers find it easier than the old paper system. The advantages to the Club are obvious in terms of accurate records and charging, the simplification of the treasurer and membership jobs, and the provision of automatic club statistics.

Here is a review from the Treasurer of the Bannerdown GC:

“LOGSTAR GC, was advertised in S&G some years ago and costing £1000 (now free), the hardware just under £500. It has replaced about 10hrs of “back office” work (by me) per week. Members have adapted to it more readily than I expected. The support from the supplier has been fantastic. On this alone I would recommend it. Overall, I am very pleased.”
Andy Miller

and a later review from the Bowland Forest Gliding Club:

“Before I even saw the system, I was impressed by the respect that the Bannerdown members had for it. In my experience this is unusual, in that human beings often make mistakes on computers, and then use the computer as a scapegoat. …. this made me more than happy to endorse LogStar as the system we should have…the other committee members were also suitably impressed..

(Day one) I started training people at the launch point, and was pleasantly surprised how readily the system was accepted by the people who were there… we were so impressed with how the day went …that we decided to cease running the paper logs. If we were to abandon LogStar for whatever reason, the sheets printed at the end of the day could be entered into the old system.

The rest is history….The system is working well…..I have to say that I have been impressed by the fact that the developer of the system has been very amenable to modifying the system to suit our needs.”
Ian Pendlebury

There are four compatible modules, each of which can be run on separate computers:

Main Features of LogStar GC: