• Simple to use, accurate personal flight logbook
  • Safeguards against logbook loss
  • Comprehensive reports from powerful search system
  • Handles engine and airframe time for SLMG
  • Instructors Annual returns in seconds
  • Pilot currency analysis
  • Experience on specific aircraft or types
  • Best sites flown from
  • List your memorable flights
  • Who you have flown with
  • Logbook printing
  • Graphs Hours Launches or Kilometres
  • Various crew capacities
  • Selectable Periods

LogStar Glider has been the mainstay of computer based logkeeping for Glider Pilots for over 10 years now.

Download the Latest Version Free!

(If you are an existing user, this will update your program. Unzip the download into your existing folder, and let it overwrite all the files it wants to)

LogStar Glider 

Download this file (LSTAR_G.ZIP). New users make a new folder called ‘My Gliding’ (for example) on your computer and put this download into it. Then unzip it. To run LogStar Glider, simply double click on the file LOGSTAR.EXE. You could then make a shortcut from your desktop to launch the program more conveniently.

If you want to move your existing LogStar from an old computer to a new one, make sure that you first do a BACKUP in the old computer using the option available in the UTILITIES menu of the LogStar Program. The new computer can then be used to download this file, and then you can use the UTILITIES menu to do a RESTORE (from the backup).

PRINTING PROBLEMS? Download WINPRINT.ZIP  This enables LogStar applications to print using the default Windows printer. Download it into the same folder as your LogStar  program (LOGSTAR.EXE) is, and then unzip it to produce WINPRINT.EXE into the same folder. (WINPRINT.EXE must be in the same folder as LOGSTAR.EXE). Then run LogStar and on the screen from which you press F10 to print, read the menu at the top of the screen to select the windows printer.


A review of LogStar was published in the April/May 1996 Sailplane & Gliding magazine, written by John Wright. John has been the author of several other technical reviews published in S&G. The following is an extraction from that review:

“LogStar Glider is a Glider Pilot’s Logbook and to avoid beating about the bush, it’s excellent. The result of 18 months of continual revision and incorporation of users’ own suggestions, LogStar is very user friendly and seems to do everything you’d want, automatically and without the need to learn about database design. On-screen help is provided, but it’s intuitive enough to use within a few minutes of installation. The author John Hale is an experienced gliding instructor, whose 10 years in software development clearly shows in LogStar’s ease of use. Data entry is simplified by selecting the Glider, launch method, pilot status and airfield from automatic, context sensitive pop-up lists. This avoids the major problem with databases of forgetting to use a field or miss-typing an entry and then not finding it in a report. Eg, entering P2 in a Ka-8, K-8 or ASK8! Luckily global correction can be performed. The pop-up lists can easily be edited from within LogStar to add new type and sites. Identical flights can also be entered simultaneously as, say, 30 min six flights, to produce six identical 5 minute flight entries. The times can be adjusted afterwards if you feel you need to. These and other refinements make data entry very rapid and foolproof, (unlike the American SoarLog which will accept clearly erroneous combinations of data) Individual records can be easily edited. Flight data is displayed in scrollable list view, ie standard logbook format with additional information about the currently indicated flight shown below. Running totals of solo, P2 and P1 dual to the cursored flight are displayed and continually (and instantly) updated, with a menu at the bottom of the screen. Many statistical reports can be generated automatically, and very quickly based on pilot status, glider type, site and the like, all sorted in various ways (eg number of flights, hours or kilometres). Thes reports are very comprehensive and summarize your flying very conveniently. Yearly and instructor’s returns can easily be collected and printed with LogStar, with user selected start dates. Graphical presentation of some of this data and customized logbook printing is also possible. A currency rating can be calculated using a method suggested by the RAFGSA. You can even create user defined reports from a very easy to follow sub-menu that covers every possible combination. None of the similar programs found on the Internet were as good as this. Altogether a very useful, comprehensive and strongly recommended piece of software.”

Since the review LogStar Glider has undergone several revisions which has improved it even further.

LogStar also integrates with data from LogStar Gliding Club, allowing members of clubs who use LogStar GC to easily update their personal logbook at home.