These programs run in Windows Operating Systems with full MS DOS like windows XP or windows 7. It might also run in a DOS environment in later versions of Windows.

FREE.  LogStar GC needs a  keyfile to work. Please email me for a free keyfile. – Contact LogStar with the name of your club and a 3 letter abbreviation for your club so that I can create and send you a free keyfile.

LogStar GC in now free. Please email for details.

Gliding Club Logkeeping Program (GCL.EXE)   Download here

Gliding Club Stats Program (GCS.EXE)  Download here

Gliding Club Membership Program (GCM.EXE)  Download here

Gliding Club Field Treasurer Program (GCT.EXE)  Download here

The personal glider logbook software is also free.

Personal logbook programs below

Glider Pilot logbook Program (LSTAR.ZIP)  Download here



The following accessories might be useful:

Download WINPRINT.ZIP  To enable LogStar GC applications to print using the default Windows printer. (As opposed to a DOS printer) Unzips to WINPRINT.EXE. Place copies in the same folders as the programs above. Then from the screen which you press F10 to print, read the top lines to select the default windows printer.

WINOFF.ZIP can be found on the internet which can provides the option for GCL to automatically turn off the computer (Windows) after shutting down the Logkeeping program GCL.EXE. Unzips to WINOFF.EXE. If you decide to download this program then place it in the same folder as GCL.EXE.



Having downloaded the above files, by Saving to disk, to your desktop or to a (new) folder, you will need to unzip them. Do so by clicking on the file icon, and EXTRACT TO the desktop, or some other (new) folder. Each of the above downloads will unzip to produce a single file, for example GC_LOG.ZIP  produces the file GCL.EXE (the main Logkeeping program), GC_STATS.ZIP produces GCS.EXE  (the Statistics program) etc.

WARNING Double clicking on the extracted files will run them, this is because they are programs or executables (Having an EXE filename extension). You generally don’t want to run the programs until you have put them  into the folders where they are to run from. This of course could be in another computer.  (Note that no harm will be done if you do run them, except that they will create other files in the folder you run them from. Just delete them.)

When you have the .EXE files:

TO UPDATE: You need to replace your existing files, of the same name, with these new ones. These may be on another computer, if so, copy them onto a floppy disk or a USB memory stick to take them there, find out where the old file is, and overwrite it with the new one. Simple as that.

NEW INSTALLATION: Create new folders in the machines where you wish to run the programs. You can call the folders LOG for example for the GCL.EXE program, & MEMB, TREAS & STATS for the others. Copy the executables into their respective folders. New/Shortcuts can then be made from the desktops, to these executables, to enable you to run them in a convenient way.



** LogStar Software can be installed & run entirely from these devices ** 

These are a very attractive media to run all the LogStar programs from. They are portable, compact, reliable, fast and cheap. The Membership Secretary, Treasurer etc, can easily carry these small devices, and run them from any computer with a USB port. The programs GCM, GCT and GCS need to LINK with the main logkeeping program (GCL) to exchange data, and these links can now be performed using the same memory stick that runs the program. (GCM, GCT or GCS). To do this, pick a computer, and plug in the memory stick. Go to ‘My Computer’ to find out what the drive letter is assigned to it. (this will typically be D or E or F or G etc). Run the program from the memory stick in that computer, and then from within the program setup, set the data link drive letter to be what you found it to be in ‘My Computer’. If you then subsequently take the memory stick to another machine which assigns another drive letter, LogStar will now automatically set to the new drive letter.

It is very important to do a safe eject of USB sticks if using them for data links. Data will be lost or corrupted if safe ejecting is not used.


Please email if your club is interested in LogStar Gliding Club, or you have any further questions. Turnpike Technics reserves the right to change the specification of this product at any time without warning. We believe all information is correct at the time of publication.

(Also in a much smaller MSDOS System if required)